Philippine Outsourcers: 3 Things To Consider in Hiring a Web Content Writer

Posted by on February 26, 2015 in Web Development

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Nobody could deny the fact that content writing is one of today’s skyrocketing trades. Every business that has a website needs content of some kind – be it engaging, entertaining, or just generally captivating to hook readers’ attention. What more? Content is the main ingredient in a marketing campaign. Without it, there will be no business!

So if you’re developing a website for your business and is planning to enter the portal of the dreaded Internet competition, then you’d probably think of hiring content writers. There are many of them out there (numerous enough to send your head cracking with pain!). How to choose the best writer? We, at Philippine Outsourcers can help you!

Here are 3 things to consider before getting them on board:

1. Check their writing samples. Don’t forget the QUALITY!

Always look at the writer’s sample. Don’t ever forget that. Take note of the style, structure, and overall quality. Check their portfolios as well and see how much they’ve done writing in the past.

What about grammar and spelling? Those two ingredients are obviously important. But there’s more to it than that. In fact, some business owners today consider grammar and spelling as secondary qualification over the “voice” of the writer.

The truth is, engagement and uniqueness are the most essential factors for SEO these days. An article that is engaging and unique can captivate a reader’s attention. Content writing’s main goal is content marketing. You have to make sure that your readers will keep coming back for more! Don’t forget the writer’s unique “voice” as well. Is that voice suitable for your brand?

2. Flexible or Specialized?

Remember this tip! Don’t let your biased, one-sided, superficial objective judgment dominate in choosing a writer. Most business owners today prefer those who are highly flexible who can write various topics and any kind of articles. Those type of writers can be effective in some point. But let’s face it, wordsmiths who are prolific in a certain genre are the ones who rule!

Point is, both versatile and specialized writers can be helpful in your business. You just need to put them on the right assignment. For instance, you’ve hired a great sales writer for your art gallery business: this for sure ensures he can promote your shop through his unique, writing style. But you should also consider a writer who specializes in writing about arts; painting, photos, sculptures, music, and so on.

3. The Burning Passion, The Attitude, The Purpose

Sad to say, countless wannabe or fake writers are lurking out there. Who are they? They are those who pretend they can write great articles for you. They are those who declare themselves as “wordsmiths.” But once asked what’s their ultimate goal in life is, you won’t hear the words, “to make the world hear my writing voice.”

We are usually drawn to everything that can make us rich. But if that’s the main grand vision of your writer, then he would probably get out of your dungeon when the first company mishap surfaces.

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If you’re looking for competent writers to become part of your start-up or growing outsourcing company, you need to be aware of what works for your company in the long term, not short term.