Philippine Outsourcers: Most Frequently Outsourced Business Functions

Posted by on July 15, 2015 in Outsourcing

Much has been said about what is outsourcing and why it is beneficial. However, the term “outsourcing” alone tells little about what is being outsourced. Although you might know that functions like manufacturing and human resources are outsourced, businesses – be it big or small – regularly outsource all types of corporate tasks since these can be done more inexpensively and efficiently overseas.

As said by Philippine Outsourcers , an outsourcing company, everything but a business’ core skill can be outsourced. While this is obviously not for everyone, it is worth being aware of the most frequently outsourced business functions or tasks.

Customer Support

This is indeed one of the most routinely outsourced business tasks. In countries like America and Australia, the costs when you employ, provide training and office space, and pay taxes can be astronomical. Whereas overseas BPO companies and contact centers, the job can be done with only a fraction of the cost.


Technically, accounting is an epitome of textbook examples of corporate tasks that are well-adapted with outsourcing since it involves standardized methodology. Also, professionals all over the world have know-how about the standards and principles of accounting.

In fact, overseas people like in the Philippines are trained in International standard practices. This makes it easy for business owners to outsource bookkeeping tasks, such as financial statements. However, since the nature of work is quite sensitive, it is best that you work with competent and qualified people.

Web Designing

Although web designing is a far more creative task than the likes of accounting and customer support, it is a frequently outsourced function nonetheless. Overseas outsourcing companies are quite skilled in this field, and, as a matter of fact, most of them can offer you ready-made website templates, which you can customize to your liking.

Basically, outsourcing web design is preferably for companies that require significant creativity and innovation. As long as this kind of project is handled by seasoned outsourcing companies, you can always expect the best results.

Computer Programming

Most businesses nowadays process outsourcing for computer programming. Relatively standard programming projects, such as message board and database, can be easily and quickly completed by outsourced companies at lower costs.

However, there are important computer programming projects that will mold the backbone of your entire company; thus you should not outsource them right away. Instead, re-evaluate your chosen outsourcing company and see what ideas they can offer. Lastly, make sure that you can supervise and communicate with them directly.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is paint-by-numbers activity and follows standardized procedure, thus it lends itself well to outsourcing. Since it involves pertinent records (i.e. receipts, income statements, balance sheets, ledgers, etc.), the outsourced company should be trained enough to competently prepare the company’s tax returns in any given year.

According to Philippine Outsourcers, tax preparation is like accounting. It has legally important nature, thus underscores the essential of being selective in regards to which outsourcing company you entrust your entire taxing tasks. If you fail to do so, you can see errors that result to minor annoyances like interest and serious penalty burdens.