Process Outsourcing: Top 3 Services You Can Offer

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is one of the newly-emerging industries within the thrust of the new millennium. In the past decade, the Internet culture have changed how worldwide employment is. Today, telecommuting – the coined term for working at home, is a familiar term for generations X, Y an Z.

Among the subset industries of process outsourcing is outsourced SEO campaign and web development. As more and more companies set up their Internet presence, the more employment opportunities emerge.

The result? New-age companies like app and Internet service start-ups are flocking the market and contributing to the economy. In fact, Google and Apple, two of the most successful tech companies worldwide, are not only the top players in the industry, they are the top players of all businesses worldwide.

In retrospect, there is no new business model for these emerging start-ups – only Internet factored in as the new determinant. There are many services that an outsourcing company can offer, but determining them is one of the most crucial things to go through before set-up.

In order to help you with that daunting task, here are top 3 of the best, most profitable outsourcing services you can mold your business model into:

Web Development

Web Development

Although blogging platforms and new-age technologies have provided easier web development access to the masses, the old-age platform of hard coding is still prevalent as ever.

In fact, hard-coded, original and can-be-distributed as templates web designs are not only extremely profitable, it also is incredibly high-priced. To the point where you can demand a premium over a design with only simple tweaks.

Statistics shows that at least 50-60% of companies goes to the Internet in order to build their brand. Capitalize on that and look for new customers in your locality. A service delivering full-blown website building can be branched out from web designs.

It is incredibly cheap too. With a team of three to five, you can handle at least 15 clients in different timetables.

Virtual Assisting

Virtual Assistant Services

With the world relying on Internet as the primary way of communication, secretarial jobs have never been more profitable. A team of 5 virtual assistants(VA) can jumpstart a profitable department.

Make sure your VA packages are competitive too, as it has become a saturated market. However, the demand is still high on this service, and with the right clients on board, you can get mark-ups which can support an entire army of staffs.

Search Engine Optimization services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Arguably the most popular of all the outsourced services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services takes many forms. You can offer content writing with SEO, or SEO as a stand alone, or better yet, SEO plus social media.

While the packages for SEO services are steep, the trick is to find at least 3 to 5 clients who are willing to work with you for at least a year.

Beware: offering SEO services is daunting, as you need to create large teams to create a super team. One department will handle content writing, one department for SEO, one for social media, one for graphic development, and one for daily operations monitoring.

This type of outsourcing company usually is set-up on a third-world country, where regulations, salary and wages, and sanctions are cheaper than on more developed ones.