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These professionals do their job quickly and efficiently, but overall the coverage of an SEO expert’s task is very meticulous. One mistake of integrating SEO techniques can jeopardize the whole site. This will bring down the site, making it nonexistent in the World Wide Web. They are responsible also for tracking the site’s progress through page views and by ranking reports.

Outlined below are the specific job descriptions of Search Engine Optimization Experts:

  •  Establishing site’s firm foundation such as its settings.
  •   Able to write comprehensible and sensible contents, blog posts, forum comments and articles
  •   Blog posting, Forum Marketing, Blog Commenting, Directory Submissions and Social bookmarking
  •   Creating inbound links towards the main domain
  •   Utilizing the benefits of Social Media Marketing
  •   Creating high quality backlinks both onpage and offpage
  •   Ranking Reports, either done daily, weekly or monthly
  •   Keyword Research
  •   Knowledge about Google Adwords and Analytics
  • Link building


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