The Definitive Guide to Hiring Virtual Staff

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The Internet era brought with it paradigm shifts in numerous facets of life: communication, commerce, relationship building, social awareness, employment, etc. Interconnectivity drove these changes, propelling the emergence of new dimensions in almost everything we do.

Process outsourcing is now a de facto method in building an Internet brand. It offers new-age entrepreneurs to tap abilities from all over the world in lesser prices, at a more specific skill set.

The biggest contribution of the Internet for businesses may be the boom of small start-ups. New, developing business models are heavily concentrated on the convenience the Internet provides.

In fact, the bevy of traditional businesses joining in on the Internet bandwagon is a welcome treat for consumers – not just regionally, but internationally.

Why are outsourcing jobs are so in right now?

The answer to that question, in no amount of business jargon is: well, it works.

Outsourcing jobs online is the go-to strategy for oiling business gears. When you want a phenomenal start, you need to have the best people working by your side. Deciding to outsource, you’ll find soon enough, will be one of the best decisions for your business. The next step, is how to get the best people worldwide to work with you.

How can you hire the best of the best without enough funding, then?


You cut your costs, and get superb levels of work done as well.

Virtual staff can be outsourced from one country alone, or you can hire from different countries. Do not restrict job consideration to geographic locations.

Post a specific hiring page – it can be on your website, or you can post on employment websites, and those dedicated sites which virtual staff hopefuls frequent. Or both.

After which, you need to sieve through applicants. Whether they’re applying for a content creator or a graphic designer position, it is imperative that you see beyond these people’s abilities.

To help you weed out potential workers, here is a detailed list of what to look in for in prospective virtual staff before hiring them:

What is your passion?

People talking about their passion lights them up – you could see it in their eyes and the way they communicate with you. Get those people that streamline their passion with their job.

For example, when someone applies for a graphic designer and says his passion is engineering, be very wary.

These kind of people see their job as work, and they only do it out of necessity. For the money.

Make sure the people you get are passionate with their job. How do you separate them from the pack? Simple – ask them.

Consider experience, but do not make it a basis.

Take precaution when pitting experienced applicants with non-experienced ones. Generally, it’s better to hire experienced applicants, but this is only to an extent. Only hire experienced applicants when they meet the first criteria, and if they are agreeable to your quote. Do not expect to hire experienced applicants on an intern’s salary grade.

Lower your expectations. Hire people for their specialisation, not for their general skill set.

One of the greatest faux pas virtual employers make is that they assume one or two people can do seven people’s jobs.

When these are your expectations, you won’t have employees sticking with your company for long. For a team, hire one virtual assistant, one content writer, one graphic designer, one web developer, one SEO expert and one social media person.

To further narrow down your search, get an outsourcing company outsourcing company to work with your hiring process.