Why Are Business Process Outsourcing Jobs in the Philippines Number 1?

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Outsourcing

Philippine Outsourcers

The business process outsourcing in the Philippines has gone a long way since its inception way back mid 2000’s.  The industry had opened doors of opportunities to a lot of Filipinos, providing jobs that  suit both the young and old, out of school youths and even professionals.

In less than a decade, process outsourcing has also made waves outside the country’s capital – Metro Manila to other key cities like Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, and Dumaguete City.

This expansion also contributed to the impeccable growth in the local economy. With its wide range of applicant selection, it helped keep unemployment rates lower. For contact centers, if you have completed at least 80 units of tertiary education, proficient in the English language and is computer literate, chances of getting the job is likely.

BPO companies also offers flexibility of schedule.  Day shifts are offered from the usual night schedule. Home-based jobs are becoming a trend too, expanding opportunities to people who wants to earn extra at home. What used to be a full-time job can now be done part-time! Indeed, outsourcing service providers are maximizing every skills and talent that they find, be it at home or in the office. No doubt, this made BPO companies as the number one job provider in the country.

Why are outsourcing companies thrives in the country? Reasons can be endless but here are some of the hefty ones.


The Philippines have very talented workers. Filipinos have strong adaptability and quality labor output. This is because they are passionate in everything that they do. Aside from being competitive, they are known to putting their hearts at work and always deliver the best results,.


For Filipinos, speaking the English language is almost like the native tongue (Tagalog). Considered as one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, Philippines was ranked number 1 in terms of quality in the global scale.  And among the Asian market, the Philippines is considered to be the most westernized – this explains the Filipinos affinity to the English language.

Lower Cost

Compared to its western outsourcing company counterparts, salaries and compensation packages are 14-20% lesser, making it more appealing to investors. Rents to infrastructures are comparatively cheaper giving more cuts to the overall overhead and operational expense of the business.


This is one of the strengths of the business process outsourcing in this part of the globe. Every year the country is producing thousands of fresh graduates, skilled and ready to be hired.


When it comes to information technology, the Philippines is never outdated. According to the study conducted November 2012, a typical household owns at least four of the following devices: a mobile phone (89 percent), smartphone (53 percent), tablet (14 percent), desktop (39 percent), laptop/netbooks (37 percent). These data only shows Filipinos are adept to the recent surge of technology.  And these advancements made almost every Filipinos qualified for the job.

Philippine outsourcers have gone way ahead of its Asian counterparts in terms of voice business processes. Now trailing at number 3 behind Bangalore and Mumbai in IT services, there is no doubt that in the future Philippines will be the top leading BPO industry provider not just in Asia but in the whole world.